Friday, March 24, 2017

thank you

dear, friend

i've spent so much time clenching on to my ruffled sheets, grinning in silence, looking, crazy. i think i'm crazy. i here a tune and i think, these golden hours will return soon, they are so close.

so much has changed i'm growing, you're thriving. months ago i took part in our friendship which has taken a turn as i've been missing someone who makes me feel so free and starry eyed, like somehow aliens exist (they do) and i'm going to live forever.

it doesn't seem right one can make you feel so worldly, but i don't know how you've done so from a distance, i feel so safe in the flash of a tiny rectangle screen - grey bubbles, blue bubbles, and all. i don't know how i would've made it these past few months without an ear to listen, im sorry if i've said too much. you've unwound features i never thought i would see, my cheeks are so warm, i miss you. nothing bold nothing bothered, thank you, life's better with you in it, and yeah.