Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Consequence of Sound
Say my name
With your sunlight veins
I saw you there, and I swear you haven't changed
With your sunlight veins
With your sunlight veins...

These are the first lines, almost muted, of sun veins from Hippo Campus' sophomore album Landmark which then fades into the 2nd track "way it goes",  a lovely shout of Wisconsin pines, collaborating with the day glow vibes.

To put it in short, this album is god damn beautiful, from the god damn start. 

My initial listen to Hippo Campus was in the fall of 2015. My jaw did not drop in lust but after a few listens to Bashful Creatures I was hooked. It wasn't till summer I discovered South, and it really was a big part of that season and my love for Minnesota and it's humble culture. Their sound is made to be humble in a wonky,  uncategorized way, how can I explain....,,,... when guitar strums take place (which is like, the whole song, sorry not a instrument connoisseur) it's light but raw; you almost feel like you are floating or in terms of MN, watching the ripples in the lake current sparkle and take in the fading marmalade skies as you fall into the mid-day milky head space from a long day in the sun. The boys have surf rock undertones in their beats with additions of muted vocals and woodsy chimes, all while being boy band-y, slight languor you get from lofi and very similar to pop-alt bands like COIN or Badsuns.

Their sound is Hippo Campus, incomparable. Their lyrics put them in this place. What drew me in is their juxtaposition: words of death, first love, and just hanging out with friends in a regurgitated mess (good mess) - truly a coalesce of word vomit that some how makes a poetic story. I am a regurgitated mess trying to explain this but really I think that's their way of seeking clarity with young teen gals in to them, not to speak for all of my girls, but we live on being melodramatic, trying to be deep, and finding meaning. It makes us who we are, a work of art - in progress; this album in terms of lyrics, art. I didn't read enough reviews or interviews to tell you what theses songs actually mean but here are some of my fave tracks and what I think they are trying to say: 


nathan stated this song is represented as the boxing gloves on the cover art, which leads me to a self fight, our external saying we're fine with who we are, and where were going, internally struggling with doubt, boredom, and paths of unknown - typically fine but it tears us apart. i see this more in the sort of up and downs in the song, as it starts with a tropical i’ll be fine on my own, she said, I don’t need you inside my head / (she’ll be fine on her own, she'll be fine on her own) which turns into shouts maybe even a battle call no holds barred in the ring so you'll fight me / give 'em hell, give 'em teeth like you taught. we want to be the toughest and independent but days come where we break down, and just need to lighten up, buttercup..... get a hobby.


3rd day of the week can go south so easily, i mean, its right after mondays and too far from friday. jake also sings sometimes i think i'm mundane which is kind of word play as it means dull and boring and sounds like monday. but ultimately yes, things can go very terrible on tuesdays, but tuesdays are also a retry at the week and in terms of the song, retrying love at the worst time, intoxicated.

way it goes

the classic story and lesson of money doesn't by happiness and trying to impress those who make us feel unwanted, and when it's too late we are battling ourselves over things that don't make us feel. life's not that serious, make moments before valuing things, laugh a little.

An altruistic breed of travel guide
It's chill, but lord knows you're trying
A 90's soul with Doc Martens on
A step, a step away from crying
That's the way it goes
That's the way it goes
It's so satisfying

We exist in a world where our main news source is a social media website. Materialism is our dogma. We seek to control the way our peers perceive us. We engage social issues as a backdrop for our personal drama. It’s the rare moments when we can escape from this artificial reality, that really matter. – Jake Luppen

For the most part, the album inspires me for more experiences and learning more of others stories and tragedies I have yet to feel; I don't wish upon it to happen to me or any of us but like death or heartbreak, it's real, it will happen, and it opens us. I gain a lot of energy from listening to others past because for most, it moves them in a direction of unexpected, in monsoon, Nathan opens up about the death of his older sister and how his grievances lacked not feeling that "it should have been me." Expecting more than what received is always a sucky time, but it happens. The second half of the album expresses a similar somber feel like monsoon which is followed by vacation, like the definition, isolating from reality, in this case from people; in the end we again, cheerin' up, buttercup.

I'm not sure if it's because these lanky, poorly postured, smoldering, suburban white kids sing from the same heart of a place I've grown to love and other similar places I've called home; but I feel at ease, comfortable, and have again, at home, when I sway and swoon in my own lanky, poorly postured body, while these boys strum and hum.It feels like summer, feels like youth, it feels like everything is about to warm up, get better, a refresh from the dread of cold and unwanted feelings, kinda, how I've been feeling.

In all its words of withering, understanding, running around, we always return home, whether that be a state of mind or a warm bed. I'm running out of words myself but for a closer of this hot mess blabber, its something I needed in my time of confusion - seriously it's a very confusing album but the levels of meaning varies on how you want to feel, if you want to dance to a sad story or scream !!!!!i'll save the earth!!!!!, it speaks, it moves, it works and I love it.

You are better off just listening and experiencing, as they are an experience on their own, and have made experiences in my life more lively and bold, they make you want to do bold things and like the title, make pieces of your life a Landmark.

simple season is my favorite, i didn't speak a word of it.