Monday, May 8, 2017


it took me a whole hour to figure out how to use our new scanner but here i give u!!!!! some of the  first few pages of my new journal and how i've been doin' lately, its a gloomy day but im feeling pretty radiant about some events coming up and overall just gaining some good juju

Saturday, April 1, 2017

werk werk werk

hi there! a few things have changed since we've talked. for one, i decided to make my blog look like a journal (my original vision) and also type only in lower case when i'm talking casually or about personal things, because in my actual physical journal i only write in cursive and in lower case. anyways, blah blah blah, i started a new job as of last week, i toss kale, make quinoa, and grill burritos at good ol' freshii, and so far its been a good change. i don't feel as tired or annoyed when i leave work, unlike my last job; and along with that i've been more motivated to do lots of things i've been wanting to take on such as: learning about earth more, and how i can do it better, READING!!!!! vvvvv important to improve my writing and just life in general, i've also been werk werk werkin' out this bod, summers near gotta do so. with all this good i feel so powerful and energized but overall just happy. all winter i feel like i was almost trudging myself and being emotional for no reason, basically creating my own sadness which is a no me gusta. but with warm weather and new changes, i'm grinning, dancing (still bad) and sitting out in the sun.

but other then all of that, my current proud moment is i finally completely updated my photography portfolio and wanted to share some of my favorite work. i was really blessed with great moments last summer, but also have started a new chapter in my life and am continuing to shoot and take more and more adventures. i'm really impressed of what a year of work looks like and i've had my camera for about 7 years now but gave it a rest for a long while and didn't pick it up till last spring. now!!!! i'm getting my car sometime this week or so (busy gal) but more content is coming and i have so many ideas and think i've fully found my "look" and also a place to share of course i'm going to be posting some of my shoots here but all of them will of course be on complete portfolio here.

shakopee, minnesota
sky / 169

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Consequence of Sound
Say my name
With your sunlight veins
I saw you there, and I swear you haven't changed
With your sunlight veins
With your sunlight veins...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

i'm not sure, but ill be okay

A month of love, self-love that is, has come by and as dreary as I've felt these past two days - thanks mother nature *eye roll* - the sun released its rays, I'm dancing in my moon earrings, and feel confident about the days going forward, looking back at the last 28. I've gone through weird obsessions this month, including myself, but also some colors, some media, etc; knowing me, they will stick till the end of the season.

To start on a humble note, I having been loving shades of purple, pink, and orange. Like at the end of blue eyed winter day, sun creates its own thunderstorms and turns herself into a show for only those who seek her out get to feel that beauty. I've climbed my deck, my fence, and my roof about 465463168 times this month to just stay inspired and take in all the hues coalesce. The sun in general, is one thing I will never get over.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


it's sunday, i'm writing in lower case, my writing is messy but i have a headache and a few thoughts and if you can read it, i hope you like it and i hope you love yourself ♥